Call for Speakers is now open

You may now officially apply to speak at this year’s WordCamp Vegas 2015. We’re very excited about this year’s WordCamp and we’re hoping to show some new and fun ways to use WordPress. All speaker submissions are welcome. Please See the “Before you apply” section that will help you clarify any and all questions.

What we are looking for

This year, WordCamp Vegas is looking for presentations that showcase fun and interesting ways to use WordPress. We all know that WordPress is awesome for building a blog or a corporate/company website. That doesn’t mean that WordPress can only be used in that way. We want to see how you have taken a simple install of WordPress and turned it into a completely different animal.

Did you know what you can build a full scale DMV QUEUE type of system by using WordPress? Did you know that there are over 10 online video games that use WordPress to build virtual worlds and characters? Crowdfunding is a huge topic of discussion going on in the tech community. Did you know what you can build your own Crowdfunding site by using WordPress? Have you tried the WordPress API to build single page applications?