Tips & Tools for Building Your Community with WordPress

A community is a group of people sharing common characteristics or common interests. WordPress is the perfect platform for building an online community because of the many tools and services available for it.

There are many reasons to build your community with WordPress including supporting your sales and eCommerce functions, supporting your client base and interacting with your active followers.

In this panel discussion, Andrew DiMino (, Billie Hillier ( and Tamara Floyd ( discuss tips, techniques and tools they use to grow, manage, and support their online communities built on WordPress. Topics will include:

List Building: The most valuable part of your WordPress business is your list and we will show you how to list build from your community and how to convert your list to readers, customers, and clients.

Commenting: Tips and tricks for managing quality discussions with comments.

Newsletters: What do you do with that awesome email list your building? Communicate with your community with scheduled newsletters.

Converting Sales: Whether you’re selling products, information, or services, managing an active community can help you sell to your community.