Unleashing WordPress: Make Your Dream a Reality

For the past year, I’ve been building and collecting a variety of use-case scenarios from store owners, startups, and entrepreneurs who want to use WordPress and WooCommerce, but have no idea where to start, or are unsure if WordPress is even a viable platform for them. The simple answer? Yes – you can do _anything_ with WordPress, and I’ll share the secrets to get started. Built and refined over four WordCamps and literally thousands of user interactions and sites, in my talk I’ll briefly cover what makes WordPress tick to establish a base understanding of best practices, then immediately dive into a huge range of solutions – all of them publicly accessible as demo sites with instructions to replicate. From simple portfolios to complex, membership-based eCommerce storefronts (and even fully-operational Role Playing Games!), anything is possible in WordPress with the right approach and mentality… So bring your notepad, bring your questions, and let’s see just what we can cook up. Some specific examples (some may be cut due to time or relevance): – Building a simple storefront – Selling and distributing your digital content – Setting up a Podcast site with premium memberships and forums – Setting up a tiered membership e-Learning platform with badges, awards, and forums – Creating a text-based, multi-player RPG system based off of custom d6 and d20 pen & paper rule sets – Creating extensive databases in WordPress (without using an external call) – Creating fast web apps to simplify daily activities As a special note, in the Q&A period I would LOVE for the audience to throw out their own ideas and aspirations – with a recommendation or different perspective, hopefully we can start you down the right path. I’m not afraid to be stumped, so bring your best!