Found Art Photography

Kari Leigh Marucchi shoots and shares as Found Art Photography. If her camera’s in her hand, she listens with her eyes, hearing time and form dictate intriguing stories, weave beautiful music, and make her fall in love with all of the captivating sirens that pass in front of her lens. She found her calling shooting special events during a year lived in Florence. While her tongue wouldn’t cooperate with the language, Kari Leigh hid behind the camera and found she excelled in this rather different kind of communication. She shoots character portraits for the Famously Bald cancer patient support project, and is getting all tingly about the Zombie Pin-up Photo Contest, for which she’s about to shoot three of her lovely-but-soon-to-be-grotesque lady friends. Recent gigs include WordCamp Europe, Woodstock’s Rock Fest, and “La Bastille” for The Imperial OPA Circus. Upcoming gigs include DragonCon, WordCamp Los Angeles, 48 in 48, and of course, with supreme honor, her amazing cousin’s wedding.