Use Back Up Buddy To Make Your Daily Back Up’s

This weekend at WordCamp Vegas 2015, you’re going to hear a lot of great advice. You will get to see some awesome workflows for building your WordPress site. You’ll get to see how our speakers use WordPress in their daily routines. The most important thing you should do, before putting this awesome advice to practical use, is make a back up of your WordPress site.

Say you have an amazing WordPress site. You’ve logged the hours and put your blood, sweat and tears into your WordPress Site. You took the time to learn HTML and CSS. All the sudden, you make a small change and your entire site comes crashing down! Wouldn’t it be sweet to have a back up copy of your site? How awesome would it be to upload a copy of your site and bring it back online just as fast as it came crashing down? Well my friend, you’re in luck. We would like to introduce you to BackUp Buddy by iThemes.

We built BackupBuddy because we experienced our own catastrophic server crash. At the time, WordPress didn’t offer any complete backup solutions. In both of our failure cases, we needed entire directory and file backups for complete site recovery.” – iThemes.

BackUp Buddy is The Original WordPress Backup Plugin. With BackUp Buddy, you can make a complete back up your entire site. This includes your database, media images and everything in between. Pretty cool right? Well it get’s even better. You can choose which files (or tables) to exclude from your backups. This is helpful if you have a folder with lots of high-res images or videos that you don’t want to back up every time.

Scheduling a back up is super simple with the BackUp Buddy plugin. With a few simple clicks, you can schedule BackUp Buddy to make a back up copy of your site every day! There are even some cases where WordPress sites will make 3 or 4 backups every day. It’s better to be over prepared instead of under prepared. That’s what We’ve always said.

Head over to their site and see all of the amazing benefits that BackUp Buddy has to offer. We’re pretty sure that you’ll be impressed.