WP BootCamp Las Vegas presented by Happy Joe

WordCamp Las Vegas is excited to announce that Happy Joe, a non-profit organization that specializes in helping veterans launch successful businesses or careers in the web technology industry, will be joining us in Las Vegas and offering a special event on September 18th.

WP BootCamp Las Vegas is a one day workshop that teaches you how to build an incredible business or career in WordPress. Attendees will receive valuable advice and training, as well as have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry. WP BootCamp Las Vegas is perfect for people new to the idea of web tech to seasoned professionals.

Sessions will include:

● Discovering The Amazing Opportunities in WordPress
● Starting Off Right with WordPress (Advice, Skills, Products,Training, Resources)
● Focusing On Your Strengths (Designer, Developer, or Other?)
● Building Your Brand or Reputation
● Marketing Your Skills
● Earning More Money and Selling Your Value
● Getting Your Foot in the Door with WordPress Companies
● Succeeding as a Business Owner or Freelancer
● Question and Answer Session

WordCamp Las Vegas attendees are invited to attend for free!

WP BootCamp is open to anyone whether you are military or not, and if you’re already attending WordCamp LV, you can participate for free. Please use the coupon code HappyJoeVegas when you register for WP BootCamp Las Vegas. Please note that seats are limited!

WordCamp LV stands behind our veterans and the mission of Happy Joe. We are glad they are establishing roots in our community and will also be participating in WCLV. We encourage you to attend this valuable event.

For more details on WordCamp Las Vegas, please visit their event page or register today with coupon code HappyJoeVegas.